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What we do:

Our purpose is to protect & restore Alabama's rivers. To do this, we advocate smart water policy, organize at the grassroots level, and teach citizens how they can protect their water. We are privately funded and accomplish our mission with the financial support of people like you. Our goal is to achieve healthy rivers, healthy people, and a healthy system of government for the state of Alabama.


Tell your legislator that Alabama needs to find new revenue to protect clean water.

Clean water protection in Alabama is on the brink of catastrophe. After years of "kicking the can down the road", the budget situation in Alabama is dire. An “austerity budget” that was created to show how bad things in Alabama would get if the Legislature could not find new revenue to fund the state government is now moving forward as a very real possibility.  If passed, this bad idea budget would gut many of the agencies and programs that we rely on to protect Alabama’s natural environment and our public health and safety.

Under these cuts:

·  ADEM would get $0 from the General Fund and would actually have to send the state $9.5 Million from the water permit program.

·  ADEM will no longer be able to conduct fish testing to determine if the fish are safe to eat.

·  ADEM will not be able to conduct inspections and take enforcement action against polluters.

·  ADEM will likely lose its authority to issue discharge permits. 

·  DCNR will be forced to close up to 15 of Alabama’s State Parks and let go hundreds of workers across the state.


This is no way to run a state government. Clean water and public lands should not be victims of political brinksmanship.  Please contact your State Legislators and tell them its time to act responsibly, Find New Revenue, and reject the “Austerity Budget.”

You can find you legislators’ information here:

The Alabama Rivers Alliance is Alabama's statewide, nonprofit, water protection organization.

Networking over fifty grassroots water protection organizations across Alabama at the local level and advocating smart planning and reasonable laws at the state level, we work to ensure healthy waters for future generations by empowering the citizens of Alabama to protect our waterways.

Alabama Rivers Alliance Program Director Mitch Reid discusses the Alabama Rivers Alliance's mission and the Alabama Water Agenda with Leslie Grill of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System

He explores water policy, enforcement, coordination, and funding issues as outlined by the Alabama Water Agenda.


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